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Annual Own the Upside Prevention Summit - October/November

OTUS Prevention Summit event educates the community about current substance abuse issues & trends
Event Date for 11th Annual Prevention Summit & 2020 Speaker list will be announced soon. 

Medication Take Back Days - Spring & Fall
StandUP Polk and local law enforcement agents are proud to join the Drug Enforcement Administration for National Prescription Drug Take-Back Days each Spring and Fall to provide a safe place for citizens to dispose of unwanted human and pet medications. The event also serves as an opportunity to promote our community's permanent medication drop boxes. Thanks to the Medication Take Back Days and Permanent Medication Drop Boxes, over 3,000 pounds of unwanted human and pet medications are collected annually and disposed of via incineration.

Prevention Epidemiology Network – PEN is a professional network of community partners who specializes in data mining. The PEN helps to keep a pulse on current drug data and monitor current drug trends.


Tobacco Free Partnership of Polk County, FL - a partnership initiative based out of the Polk County Health Department. Tobacco Free Partnership meets an hour before the StandUP Polk Meeting. 

Own the Upside … Avoid the Downside Trailer- the OTUS Trailer is a traveling exhibit that serves as an educational resource for parents, school professionals, social workers, and community members. The unique presentation includes a short informational overview followed by a walk through of the trailer, which houses a replica of a teen’s bedroom designed to teach adults how to recognize clues that may signal potential involvement in drugs and risky behaviors. Participants may interact with objects in the room and ask questions to gain critical insight into the possibility of their child being involved in substance abuse and other dangerous behaviors including sexual activity, gang activity, guns, eating disorders, and cutting.

*Note: the display is designed for adults only due to the sensitive nature of material presented.

Any questions?

Please email StandUp Polk, we'd love to chat with you!

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